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Members of the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore can now register online using a credit card or debit card. If you'd like more information about Girl Scouts, click here.


One person per family will be designated as a "Family Manager." Only the Family Manager will be able to view and manage the accounts of children and adult family member(s) from his/her own log-in. The Family Manager designation can be changed by contacting the council.

Girls under the age of 18 must be managed by a Family Manager and will no longer be able to log-in under their own name. The adult listed second on the child's account (aka Guardian 2) will become part of the family and can be managed by the Family Manager. The Guardian 2 is also able to activate and manage their own account if they wish. They will see the guardian relationship with their child, but will be unable to manage their child's activities or memberships.

Troop Leaders

Troop leaders with an online account can manage their troop(s) and troop members online.

Help DeskCurrent Members – Who have created an Online Account

Click here if you have already created an online account and Login with your User Name and Password.

Current Members – Who have not created an Online Account

If you are a current or past member in our data base, but have not created an online account, please read ALL these instructions and understand them. Then, click here.

  1. Click on “New Online Account” under Current Member Login.
  2. Enter you Name, Address, Date of Birth and Gender. Click Continue.
  3. You will receive a notice that we have found you in the online system, directing you to go to your email and follow the instructions to activate your online account. (If you do not receive an email, please contact the help desk).
  4. Create your online user account by creating a user name and password. Also, select a security question and answer. Click create account.
  5. You are now logged into your online account.
  6. Go to the top, above the picture of the girls, and click on your account.
  7. Choose renew membership, to register yourself or click on the “My Family” tab to renew other family members. You can also “Add Family Member” from here.

New Members

Click here if you are a new member and have never been a Girl Scout. Follow the instructions for "How to Create a New Online Account" below.

All adults are required to create a New Online Account to gain access to the system. With your new online account, you will be able to manage yourself, your family and/or troop(s) depending on your current participation status. For example, a troop leader who has a daughter participating in Girl Scouts will be able to manage both her family and troop(s) with a single log-in.

How to Create a New Online Account

Be sure to read all instructions below before clicking.

Need Additional Help?

If you have tried the steps below and have questions, click here to visit our help desk or call 855-GSJS-NJ0 (855-475-7650) Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

  1. Enter Name, Address, Date of Birth & Gender of account “Family Manager” (only customers 18 years of age and older are permitted to access our system). Click continue.
  2. You will see the following screen:reg-screenshot
  3. If you selected continue, you will see your name listed as:
    • New Account
    • Now you need to create a username and password. Username(s) and password(s) are case sensitive. Passwords must be at least 7 characters long, containing at least one number if you use all letters, or at least one letter if use all numbers.
    • Complete Contact Information, email address(es) and phone number(s).
  4. Submit online profile.
  1. You are now logged into your online account and can use this website to:
    • Add children or adults to your Girl Scout family. (clicking there will add members to your “My Family” tab)
    • Become a member of Girl Scouts (clicking there will offer adult membership for you, the adult, to register only.
  2. My Family- (After adding family members to your account)
    • Next to the “I want to”: please select, Purchase Girl Scout Membership(s)
    • Click the box next to the family member(s) you wish to register.
    • Click “GO”.
  3. Confirm Selection
    • In the Membership column, choose the type of membership you wish to purchase.
    • Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct year. 
    • Click “Process 1 of *”
  4. Follow “Collect Membership Information” Timeline by answering questions and clicking “Next” until all steps have been completed.
    • Remember to opt in to receive informational or marketing text messages (some of which may be autodialed), as well as autodialed/prerecorded calls from the Girl Scouts at the mobile number provided above. I understand that I am not required to agree to receive these text messages and calls to create an online profile.
    • Also, for Adult registrations: If you choose “yes” for “Are you a GS volunteer?” – on the next page you will select your roles:
      • Leaders/Co-Leaders please choose your Role – 01 Leader/Advisor
      • Assistant Leaders please choose your Role – 02 Assistant Leader/Advisor
      • Adults handling money for the troop (treasurer, 2nd on troop bank account, product sales person) please choose your Role – 03 Volunteer Support
      • All other adults need not choose a role. You will automatically be an Adult Member.
    • Choose role, year and troop number: select from list. All troop numbers are 5 digits long. If you are not sure what the first digits might be check with leader. Click Add.
  5. At the end of each member profile, you will see a recap of the Membership Information collected. You may now “Continue” to next member(s) and enter profile information for next family member by following directions from step 6.
  6. After all membership registrations have been entered, a recap of the Membership orders with Data Collected (Payment Due) with Total will be listed. Click Next.
  7. Your Shopping Cart will be displayed with Today’s Total. Click Checkout.
  8. HUGS Family Partnership donation may be made at this time. Click Continue.
  9. Order Payment (My Family) can be made at this time. Enter your card type, card number, expiration, CVV number. Your name, billing address, city and state/zip will appear. Please be sure to check box I/we accept and abide by the Girl Scout Promise and Law and meet the membership requirements. Further, girl registrants have given permission by their parent/guardian to join Girl Scouts.
    • Membership fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person.
  10. Click Process My Order.
    • Please check your email for a registration confirmation to keep for your records and/or give a copy to the Troop Leader.

Prefer to register on a paper form?

Paper registrations are also available and can be mailed to either service center (Monmouth Service Center / Ocean Service Center). Download from below if necessary.

2015-2016 Girl Membership Registration Form

2015-2016 Adult Membership Registration Form

2015-2016 Girl Financial Assistance

2015-2016 Adult Financial Assistance

2014-2015 Girl Membership Registration Form

2014-2015 Girl Membership Registration Form (Spanish)

2014-2015 Adult Membership Registration Form

2014-2015 Adult Membership Registration Form (Spanish)

2014-2015 Girl Financial Assistance

2014-2015 Adult Financial Assistance